Overview and reflections

I finally made it to one of the compulsory Research Training Module lectures on Monday 15th December (2014).
The presenter is clearly an expert on preparing research material for publication and although he didn’t say as much explicitly, it became apparent that he is a ‘principal’ in a journal project in his own field (Computer Sciences) as all of the examples of journal articles he presented were from his own pen and published in his own journal – which makes them none the less, perfectly valid of course!

Key factors that we were told were the drivers for researchers to publish are:

These, and subsequent points that were presented have caused me to reflect thus:

Hierarchy of publications:

I had not fully understood the concept of ‘hierarchy of publications’ that the seminar presenter has now made clear and it appears to be ordered thus (least -> most important):

Types of content

Our presenter outlined the various types of content that are worthy of submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Particularly what interested me here is the possibility of preparing a survey or review of the current ‘state of play’ in my research as advice given was that these are often well-regarded by journal editorial review panels, assuming they are comprehensive and well-written. I am considering doing this on the core topic of ‘academic (behavioural) confidence as, together with the presentation that I am preparing for my next supervision meeting, perhaps these pieces together might form the major part of the submission for Registration later next Spring?

Final reflection

So I repeat that it would be helpful to have knowledge of the university’s expectations, both of me as a researcher and also how this project might contribute to the wider research credibility of Middlesex. I am minded that there is a mutuality of benefit here and that I have a responsibility to ensure that I ‘pull my weight’!

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