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January 2015

The following posts on Dyslexia and Academic Confidence were published in January 2015.

Calibration = Confidence? Is this academic equivalency?

Klassen, R., 2002, A question of calibration: A review of the self-efficacy beliefs of students with learning disabilities, Learning Disability Quarterly, 25(2) pp. 88-102. Commentary: Part 1 This latest reading has been the paper by Klassen (2002) where the idea of ‘calibration’ is introduced in the context of self-efficacy beliefs and in particular referring to […]

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‘Measuring confidence in academic study: exploring what this means’

Measuring confidence in academic study: Commenting on the emergence of the term: ‘academic confidence’. Sander, P., Sanders, L. 2003 Measuring confidence in academic study: a summary report. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology and Psychopedagogy 1(1) 1-17: What are the roots of this research? Sanders & Sanders (2003) appeared to be the earliest researchers […]

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Literature review maps

It is clear that undertaking the literature rewiew of a PhD project is not for the faint-hearted. Whilst not to be easily overwhelmed, there is a considerable literature background that needs sifting through so that the project is insured against later criticism for a lack of thoroughness. The actual research section of the project is […]

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