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May 2015

The following posts on Dyslexia and Academic Confidence were published in May 2015.

Neurodiversity and dyslexia

Cooper, R., 2015, Neurodiversity and dyslexia: challenging the social construction of specific learning difficulties. Available at: http://outsidersoftware.co.uk/research-and-links/docs/, Accessed on: 03 May 2015. An astonishingly interesting paper from Cooper that adds weight to Cavanagh’s (2013) thesis that it is the learning curriculum that needs to be fixed rather than dyslexic learners by arguing that it is […]

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Definitions of dyslexia – contemporary view: survey analysis

The definitions of dyslexia questionnaire is searching for consensus amongst dyslexia specialists about what dyslexia is, what dyslexia means. ‘Dyslexia specialists’ is taken to mean anyone with professional experience of working with learners with dyslexia or who teaches about dyslexia to others – lecturers on university SpLD courses for example.  The questionnaire was distributed across […]

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