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July 2015

The following posts on Dyslexia and Academic Confidence were published in July 2015.

Academic agency

Zimmerman, B.J., 1995, Self-efficacy and educational development. In: Bandura, A. Self efficacy in changing societies, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. By accessing this paper by Zimmerman, my understanding of the position of self-efficacy in the discourse of this research project has been enhanced but it has also caused me to reflect and consider re-labelling this complete research […]

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Statistical power, effect size and Type 1 / 2 errors – a learning summary

Having previously scoped out a research methodology, I am now at the stage of this project where I need to focus carefully on the research methods for data collection and statistical analysis so that a response to my hypotheses makes sense in statistical terms.  I have been reflecting on the nature of the data collection […]

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