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May 2016

The following posts on Dyslexia and Academic Confidence were published in May 2016.

Dimensions of dyslexia 2: revisiting the data; looking for meaning

Part 1 of this commentary on my preliminary enquiry about dimensions of dyslexia outlined my increasing unease about pitching my project into the plethora of research about dyslexia as I learned more about the wide range of viewpoints on not only the nature of dyslexia as a syndrome (or not), the diversity of perspectives on […]

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settling data -> an emerging plan

Summary indications so far: As the cut-off date for receiving QNR replies approaches (31st May 2016) final trickles of additional data are arriving. With 163 good quality datasets now in my datapool this constitutes a good basis from which to tease out meaning from the results and relate this to my research questions and hypothesis. […]

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