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November 2016

The following posts on Dyslexia and Academic Confidence were published in November 2016.

principal component analysis

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)     Introduction The process of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) performs dimensionality reduction on a set of data, and especially a scale that is attempting to evaluate a construct. The point of this process is to see if a multi-item scale can be reduced into a simple structure with fewer components (Kline, 1994). For example, […]

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research subgroup Dx boundary value, and confidence intervals for μ

Research groups and subgroups’ summary data for Dx ranges and CIs for μ; Rationale for boundary value adjustment to Dx = 592.5    As far as possible it is necessary for the principal research subgroups DNI and DI-600 to share the similar Dyslexia Index characteristics in order that the Academic Behavioural Confidence can be compared […]

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