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what’s wrong with university is …

A bit of a rant really …   In the domain of university education, my view, which is broadly based on over a decade’s experience of trying hard to be a good academic guide, is that there is a burgeoning need to influence a change in the system of delivery, and most definitely assessment, of […]

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Academic agency

Zimmerman, B.J., 1995, Self-efficacy and educational development. In: Bandura, A. Self efficacy in changing societies, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. By accessing this paper by Zimmerman, my understanding of the position of self-efficacy in the discourse of this research project has been enhanced but it has also caused me to reflect and consider re-labelling this complete research […]

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Thinking about academic confidence

The first major writing task of this project will be to produce an overview presentation of my ‘take’ on academic confidence. I have used Google Scholar as a first point search as I am confident that this will produce good results from across the academic information environment, and that these results will be from peer-reviewed […]

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