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collating the data -> first analysis summary

The position to date (July 2016);  166 good datasets have now been received in total, thus forming the datapool. The dataset generated from each eQNR reply has been received as a .csv file so in the first instance these have been collected together into a ‘master’ Excel spreadsheet. SPSS will be used later for a […]

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Visualizing data to aid analysis

Visualizing data to aid analysis Introduction The data that this research project aims to collect will be an extensive blend of quantitative and qualitative metrics – stuff I need to count, and other stuff that has a softer meaning that I will need to think about. Assuming the deployment of the main research QNR is […]

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Dimensions of dyslexia 1: revising the research methodology

Gaining an understanding of the most common attributes – ‘dimensions’ – of dyslexia encountered by professional colleagues in their work with students at university; and how this is leading to a revision of the project’s research methodology. Part 1: Introduction:  Students with dyslexia tend to be poorly organized, often find reading complicated academic texts challenging, […]

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Literature review maps

It is clear that undertaking the literature rewiew of a PhD project is not for the faint-hearted. Whilst not to be easily overwhelmed, there is a considerable literature background that needs sifting through so that the project is insured against later criticism for a lack of thoroughness. The actual research section of the project is […]

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