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Respondent ID: #DI-87083069; Research Subgroup: DNI

key:key block orange= dyslexics' meankey colour blue= non-dyslexics' mean key block pink= THIS RESPONDENT

Dyslexia Index Dimensions and Academic Behavioural Confidence
Intermediate boundaries ABC:
lower ABC = mean RG:DI-600*; upper ABC = mean RG:ND-400*; marker = datapool median
Intermediate boundaries Dyslexia Index (Dx):
Dx = 299 = >99% CI RG:ND*; Dx = 624 = <99% CI RG:DI*; Dx = 718 = >99% CI RG:DI;
marker = datapool median
* RG:DI-600 is the research subgroup of respondents with a Dyslexia Index > 600 - that is, likely to be presenting a dyslexia-like profile; n=45; RG:ND-400 is the research subgroup of Dx < 400, unlikely to be dyslexic; n=44.
RG:DI is all respondents who declared dyslexia, n=68; RG:ND is all respondents who indicated no learning challenges, n=98. Hence the total datapool n=168.